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Human Locomotion Research

Our main research focus is to understand the biomechanical function in normal and pathological human motion, especially gait. Computerized movement analysis is used as a tool to mediate a better fundamental understanding of human locomotion to physicians, physiotherapists, biomechanists, and scientists.

  • The UKBB has a modern movement analysis laboratory equipped with a motion capture system (Vicon, 18 cameras), three force plates (Kistler) and a plate measuring foot pressure (Novel) in line, 16 channel surface electromyography system (Noraxon), 2 high speed video cameras (Basler). With this equipment we measure the required biomechanical parameters needed to answer scientific questions. We calculate three dimensional parameters such as joint angles (kinematics), joint moments and powers (kinetics), temporospatial parameters, center of mass, center of pressure, and muscle activation patterns. To do so, we use software programs such as MATLAB. We also use specialized modelling software (AnyBody and OpenSim) to simulate a variety of parameters by inverse dynamics. Parameters such as stress, strain and deformations are calculated by finite element analysis with the ANSYS software. A special foot model is applied for foot deformities. The new software is implemented in daily clinical work.  
  • Furthermore, our research focuses on clinical outcome of treatment in the field of pediatric neuro-orthopaedics. This includes determination of a deformity for gait and its correction by orthotic or surgical treatment as well as the evaluation of particular surgical or orthotic techniques in a certain patient population (such as cerebral palsy) and problems independent of gait (such as hip dislocation).

Scientific publications (last 5 years)

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Group members

  • PD Erich Rutz, MD, PhD
  • Christian Wyss, MD
  • Carlo Camathias, MD
  • Bernhard Speth, MD
  • Marie Freslier, MSc
  • Beat Goepfert, MEng, EMBA
  • Sebastian Krapf, PhD
  • Jacqueline Romkes, PhD
  • Katrin Bracht-Schweizer, PhD
  • Frank Behrendt, PhD
  • Nadine Häfliger, MSc


0900 712 712

(3.23 CHF/min. CH-landline, possibly additionally 8 Rp. / min. by network operator)

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(3.12 CHF/min. prepaid cell phones, possibly additionally 8 Rp. / min. by network operator)

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