The University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB)

The University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB) is an independent, university-based centre of competence for paediatric and juvenile medicine, as well as for teaching and research. The Children’s Hospital Basel was originally founded on 2 January 1862, when it opened as a new hospital on the banks of the Rhine in Lesser Basel. The hospital continued to grow until 1999, when the UKBB was created from the merging of the Basel Children’s Hospital and the Bruderholz Children’s Clinic.


Every year, our 900 or so employees in the various wards care for around 6,500 babies, children and young people as inpatients and conduct over 90,000 outpatient treatments. The UKBB features a number of different specialist areas.


What matters at UKBB
The uppermost priority for staff at the UKBB is respect for the child or young person and for his or her parents. We make every effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for children and parents. The Children’s Hospital Basel ensures the best possible care and treatment, looking after sick children holistically and in accordance with their age and developmental stage. Our quality management is focused on continuous improvement.


According to our mission statement, our objectives include the following:

  • We undertake to provide comprehensive care for sick children and young people at UKBB.
  • We are committed to providing effective healthcare.
  • We advocate high-quality teaching (education, training and continued professional development) and research.
  • We are committed to sustainability, which means finding a balance between social solidarity, economic efficiency and ecological responsibility.


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The UKBB in pictures

Childrens Hospital Basel

The UKBB is the most up-to-date centre of competence for paediatric and juvenile medicine. Picture gallery.

Short movie about the UKBB

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